Ignition Coaching – The professional is personal

We believe that achievement and success at work cannot be divorced from who you are in life.

Our clients are senior leaders, teams and companies who realise this and seek the best integrated coaching and development to address critical human performance challenges. We help you:

  • Build and develop existing strengths
  • Make the step from good to excellent
  • Fuel company progression
  • Be the authentic you

Tap into your greatest business resource – your people potential

  • As a leader, embody your authentic self in the role
  • As a team, compound your strengths and balance effectiveness
  • As a business, increase engagement, clarify vision and build energy

Dr Mark Farrall is an EMCC Senior Practitioner and works with senior leaders and teams from progressive and innovative companies where values matter:

  • Purposeful businesses committed to more than just the bottom line
  • Authentic leaders
  • High potential individuals
  • High performing teams

As a senior leader, are you being the best you can be at home and at work, bringing the authentic, energetic you? As a Board, do you need to further develop an effective culture and communications? As a team, are you using your strengths in alignment to goals and vision to achieve the best outcomes? As a company, are you living your company values?

Through our evidence-based three-dimensional coaching, leaders, teams and businesses can develop sustainable high performance, increased resilience, clarified vision, and superior results.

  • Embody leadership by increasing creative responses to business challenges, engaging energy and unlocking authentic performance
  • Create flexible and responsive teams where individual strengths are shared and used, to achieve collective outcomes
  • Create a workspace culture where people are engaged, productive, and values are more than words

Dr Mark Farrall has enhanced human performance and potential, delivering transformative change at individual and organisational level in some of the most challenging client situations imaginable, for over twenty years. He has a track record of successfully delivering sustainable human development outcomes, internationally. His creative integration, unfazed by whatever issue is raised, has enabled individuals and teams in being the best they can be in work and in life. He brings all of this experience and unique abilities to the coaching contract.

Learn more about who we work with and our portfolio of evidence-based three-dimensional coaching for mind, body and emotion including Strength Profiling and debriefing for individuals and teams, and leadership development programmes.