Mark FarrallMark Farrall PhD

The professional is personal

Dr Mark Farrall is a creative integrationist – taking the most effective concepts and techniques from psychology, psychotherapy, motivation, applied theatre and experiential learning and integrating them fruitfully and productively in leadership and team business development for improved professional spontaneity, authenticity and performance. Creating the safe space to take a risk.

He offers evidence-based integrated coaching founded in positive psychology: beginning with strengths and what you do well, supporting leaders and teams to generate solutions and then move to optimal personal and professional functioning – being the best you can be at work and in life.

For over twenty years Dr Farrall has been a trainer and practitioner in Motivational Interviewing, an integrative strengths-based communications approach to change, working collaboratively with clients, generating sustainable solutions to the issues facing them. His style is engaging and active, combining intellectual rigour and a unique degree of active experiential working with holistic attention to thinking, feeling and behaviour. He is unfazed by any issue you can raise with him.

He is a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, integrative group psychotherapist, accredited Strengths Profiler, world-class trainer, Senior Practitioner with the EMCC and former improvisational actor.

Mark’s Journey

Mark began by exploring the outer reaches of motivation and development – successfully facilitating deep transformative change with extremely challenging individuals, including serious offenders, personality disorders and intimate partner violence and abuse. His therapeutically-informed evidence-based application of strengths, motivation and integrated holistic action methods engages, respects and is supported by neurological research, getting sustainable results.

He founded and continues to run Ignition Coaching’s sister company (Ignition Creative Learning) a small business pioneering innovative social value projects in difficult markets for over fifteen years. Organisationally he has supported diverse staff groups in clarifying vision and increasing skills, working from strengths to do what they do better, pioneering values-based communication and cultural change, driving past orthodoxy to develop programmes and achieve the most effective outcomes.

Mark brings to the coaching arena all of his creativity and experience in generating insight into unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour, enhancing motivation and the universal dynamics of sustainable change, with groups and individuals, and applying these to professional settings.

From his work as an Expert Witness to the Courts he offers a forensic eye for detail and a unique combination of supportive expert knowledge and skill.