Our Approach

What it’s like to work with us

We belive that the professional is personal, and that achievement and success at work cannot be divorced from who you are in life.

Proven in working with the most demanding client-groups imaginable, our embodied integrative coaching is challenging, supportive, and works with the whole person: thinking, feeling and behaviour.

We work with high achieving individuals, teams and leaders flexibly and effectively to create the safe space for challenge, developing insight and potential, and translating this into optimal performance and sustainable change across thinking, feeling and behaviour: knowing form the heart, not just the head.

Values, Principles, Results

Working by our own philosophy and values is the foundation to success. It reflects who we are and our aspiration to be the best that we can be. Some of the beliefs and principles that guide our approach to working with you include:

We value the inherent creativity and spontaneity of human beings, and their ability to find new solutions to old problems, effective solutions to new situations.

We value people being at their best when they are true to themselves, using strengths in meaningful action.

We value people’s natural ability to meet with alteration and challenge, adapt and grow to sustain meaningful change, fulfilling potential and developing new patterns and responses.

We value working with strengths, to achieve optimum outcomes and sustainable performance.

We value working with thinking, feeling and behaviour, treating the individual as a whole in their personal and professional life: knowing from the heart, not just the head.

How We Do It

The professional is personal. Based in deep listening and attention, we create the safe space where teams and leaders can take the creative risk to be the best they can be. Using evidence-based models proven effective to engage and motivate, and unique experiential ‘on your feet’ methods facilitates the development of strengths, potentials, insights, skills and behaviour in an integrated, memorable way.

The approach integrates wisdom from psychology, psychotherapy, applied theatre and somatic experiential learning. To improve and enhance the ‘here and now’ and achieve a desired future means addressing, where necessary, past ‘there and then’ experience and learning, and unhelpful self-limiting patterns and responses.

Sustainable Outcomes

From a memorable and effective learning and development experience, teams and leaders will integrate thinking, feeling and behaviour to develop concrete action plans based in solid motivation, leading to:

  • Boosted professional spontaneity and creativity for challenges faced
  • Higher performing, better balanced teams with enhanced engagement, communication and awareness
  • Shared vision and understanding of how to reach individual and team goals
  • Clearer leadership self-knowledge and style
  • Enhanced personal and professional empathy and perspective taking
  • Superior co-operation
  • Increased authenticity and self confidence for role and ‘the next step’

Teams, leaders and high potential individuals will always remember this coaching experience for its creativity, usefulness, depth, flexibility and practicality, always orientated at making desired outcomes a lasting reality.

Learn more about our portfolio of evidence-based three-dimensional coaching for mind, body and emotion including Strength Profiling and debriefing for individuals and teams, and leadership development programmes.