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We work with organisations from start-ups to global multi-nationals, who believe company values should be more than just words, and that business can play a positive role in the world: purposeful businesses committed to more than just the bottom line.

In such creative businesses, business development and people development go hand-in-hand.

We partner with these innovative companies wishing to value creativity, recognise strengths and treat their most valuable asset – their people – well. Leaders in these businesses understand that developing resilience, increasing engagement and supporting optimum performance has clear business benefits.

“I was immensely impressed by the quality and relevance of the material presented by Ignition.  While the material and input was of the highest standard, there was something else that was even more important…they had a real feel for the topic area but this was really brought alive by their skills in both managing the group dynamics that were being played out in front of them during the training and their highly-developed communication skills with groups…. I was hugely impressed by Ignition and would have no hesitation, whatsoever, in engaging Ignition again.”
~ National Offender Management Service

In our experience, we’ve found that the organisations that get the most out of our work together typically share many of the following characteristics:

  • They are open to being challenged/stretched.
  • They are willing to take risks.
  • They value their people.
  • They walk their talk – their business values actually mean something.
If many of these are true for your organisation, then it’s highly likely that we can help you make substantial leaps forwards in your organisational performance. Now you know the kind of organisations we work successfully with, click on this link to learn more about our approach.

Our Clients

Clients of Ignition include:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Warwickshire County Council
  • Help for Heroes

  • Department of Health
  • Public Health Wales

  • G4S

  • Bracknell Forest Council

  • State Government Victoria

  • eve

  • Justiitsministeerium
  • Northern Ireland Prison Service

  • Cosc


  • Relate

  • Devon County Council

Now you know the kind of organisations we work successfully with, click on this link to learn more about  our approach.