Strengths in Action Coaching

Strengths Coaching Report

Strengths in Action Coaching

Build on strong foundations and bring your strengths to life.

Individual Foundation Strength Profiles are completed on-line and debriefed in person, as a jumping-off point for action coaching.

Putting strengths to work

You are standing on the firm foundation of self-knowledge from your Strengths Profile debrief: now literally put your strengths into action through our three-dimensional holistic coaching.

  • Do you have a vision or goal but struggle to bring it into reality?
  • Are you unsure of your way forward?
  • Are you demotivated by the challenges you face?

These are signs that insight alone is not enough.

Strengths in Action coaching builds on the insight gained through your individualised Strengths Profile debrief development conversation. Immense value is added through the targeted experiential coaching programme, working three-dimensionally with the whole person to embody insight, and develop thinking, feeling and behaviour in working from strengths: knowing from the heart, not just the head.

Strengths in Action coaching follows a flexible six session structure. Each individual session begins from your strengths but is bespoke in content, using safe, engaging, effective and memorable three-dimensional experiential techniques. We create the safe space for you to make the professional stretch and achieve your goals.

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