Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile

Stand on a firm foundation to reach higher.

Individual Foundation Strength Profiles are completed on-line.

Knowing your abilities to the full

  • Are you feeling de-energised by your work role, or even burnt out?
  • Does your potential seem unrealised?
  • Have you tried various roles or tasks but not felt a ‘fit’?

These are all signs that you are not working from your strengths.

A supportive Foundation Strengths Profile debrief is a deep development conversation, enabling you to:

  • Bring new understanding to what you do well and why you succeed
  • Reveal hidden talents and potentials
  • Limit self-damaging behaviours leading to burn-out
  • Identify goals for stretching yourself and career development

The Profile debrief is about you, revealing in depth where 60 strengths sit and the patterns across families of strengths, gauging how well, how energising and how often you are using your strengths  – helping you to make sense.

The potential for developing your energising, effective but unrealised strengths, as well as weaknesses to minimise, are clearly identified and linked to current role and individual business or career objectives.

Foundation debrief: one hour

Verbal debrief creating insight and self-knowledge.

Foundation Plus debrief: two hours

Verbal profile debrief enhanced by a targeted hour of face to face three dimensional working to translate insight into action.

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