Systems: Building the Strengths Workplace

Strengths Workplace

Systems: Building the Strengths Workplace

Create the compassionate workplace

Strengths-based working is a buzz phrase. Research shows that the employee who has the opportunity to utilize strengths is six times more likely to be more actively involved in their occupational role, and those who do not operate from a position of strength tend to achieve less, feel less fulfilled and interact poorly with other employees and customers.

What does ‘strengths based’ really mean?

  • Does you want your company to be ‘strength-based’, but feel it’s not really?
  • Does strength working remain in a box or silo, rather than integrated into everyday practice?
  • Are company values just words, rather than meaningfully embodied?
  • Do you want truly to be a strengths-based workplace, but struggling to implement it?

The true strength-based company places strengths and values at its heart, from Board level to the new-entry employee: it is a ‘way of being’ and set of values that permeates the whole company, showing itself in leadership and management styles, business systems and processes. This can be a transformative paradigm shift with clear links to improved business outcomes.

Dr Mark Farrall is expert in ‘walking the talk’ and applying the principles of strengths-based work to the process of an organisation becoming strengths based: working with, not ‘doing to’. The result is transforming, sustainable change that engages heart, mind and body, and brings real business dividends.

If your business is committed to more than just the bottom line, contact Mark to discuss what your strengths-based cultural evolution programme could look like.