Transformational Change for Leaders

Transformational Change

Transformational Change for Leaders

Be the best you can be at work and in life.

The professional is personal. This three-dimensional coaching follows a flexible structure with content focussed on your needs, and is designed for:

  • Senior figures/C-suite individuals and leaders who do not want to sacrifice personal fulfilment
  • High potential individuals in transition to senior roles

High-achieving individuals can still carry personal and professional ‘ghosts’ that hamper or interfere with top performance and wellbeing in life. High achievers also have further potentials: individualised ‘gateways’ to greater personal and professional development and success; being the best you can be in life and at work.

  • Do you experience ‘imposter syndrome’ or sabotage yourself?
  • Do you find you hold yourself back from achievement?
  • Are you ‘on the brink’ but can’t quite realise potential?
  • Are you successful but asking ‘is this it?’
  • Have you sacrificed ‘you’ to your career?
  • Has your experience of ‘leadership development’ been disappointing?

The Ghosts and Gateways programme begins from strengths, offering the psychological depth of psychotherapy to build on your successes, and explore and develop your professional self ‘in the round’. Unique experiential working creates enjoyment, engagement and the safe space to take your developmental challenge.

  • Increase emotional awareness – who are the figures from your personal or professional past that still exert a problematic influence on your present day or future performance?
  • Enhance motivational awareness – why are you doing what you are doing? What are the drivers that actually influence your performance?
  • Clarify ‘metacognition’ – awareness of ones’ own thinking patterns and the messages we give ourselves
  • Develop behavioural awareness – what do you actually do interpersonally? How does the ‘essential you’ alienate or motivate your colleagues?
  • Increase your spontaneity – new solutions to old problems, satisfactory responses to new situations
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