Overview – For Teams

Team Strengths and Team Coaching

Team Strengths and Team Coaching

Evidence-based, three-dimensional coaching for teams

The professional is personal: Ignition offers evidence-based three-dimensional coaching for mind, body and emotion beginning from strengths, and works with the whole person, for teams, and team leaders.

Why strengths? Because evidence shows that people working from their strengths:

  • Are happier in their work
  • More confident
  • Have higher levels of self-esteem
  • Have more energy and vitality
  • Experience less stress Are more resilient
  • Are more likely to achieve their goals
  • Perform better at work
  • Are more engaged at work
  • Are more effective at fulfilling potential and growing professionally

Team Strength profile debrief workshops move these advantages from the individual to the collective, and provide a clear foundation for improved team working. Help the team understand its collective strengths, how well and how frequently they are used, what energises team, and how members can support one another for optimum team focus on outcomes and achievement.

Strengths in Action Team coaching programmes offer a flexible mix of individual and team development work to blend individual team member strengths into the collective, taking strengths further.

Team Insights debrief for managers and team leaders gives direct feedback and advice for managing your team members’ top strengths and potentials, plus insights into compensating for team weaknesses.