Team Strengths Coaching

Team Coaching

Team Strengths in Action Coaching

Help your team embody their strengths to extend their vision and grasp.

The individual Foundation Strength Profiles for team members completed on-line and linked to the collective Team Strengths Profile, are the beginning of three dimensional action coaching.

When is a team not a team?
  • Do individual and team agendas or priorities seem to clash?
  • Are ‘creative tensions’ in the team just tense and not creative?
  • Does it feel like something extra is needed to move things on?
  • Has just talking about/within the team not been enough previously?
Become a team, not just a group of individuals

Team Strengths in Action coaching combines

  • Individual strengths coaching for team members
  • Whole-team input

The individual and collective perspectives are interweaved in a learning spiral, to benefit both.

Programmes are designed to your specification, but often comprise three half or full-day sessions with the team, and three individual hour sessions with each team member.

Team Strengths in Action coaching builds on the insight gained through your individualised Strengths Profile debrief development conversation. Immense value is added through the targeted experiential coaching programme, working three-dimensionally with the whole person to know from the heart, not just the head

  • Learn while having fun
  • Embody insight
  • Develop thinking, feeling and behaviour holistically based on strengths
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