Team Strengths Profile

Team Strengths

Team Strengths Profile

Stand on a firm foundation to help your team reach higher.

A collective Team Strengths Profile is collated on-line from individual profiles completed previously by team members. Best value is obtained if these individual profiles are also debriefed, but this is not essential.

When is a team not a team?
  • Is your team just a collection of individuals?
  • Does the team struggle to achieve results?
  • Is there a lack of common team language?
  • Have ‘away days’ and ‘strategy meetings’ not helped before?
These are signs the team’s strengths are pulling against one another

A Team Strengths Profile debrief gives development advice on your team’s most frequent realised strengths, de-energising learned behaviours, collective weaknesses and team potentials. It provides an eye into the collective dimension of how the team functions, identifying and developing:

  • What drives the team
  • Potentials for building on strengths
  • How the collective strengths can support team performance
  • Greater authenticity and cooperation
  • Increased team resilience and engagement

Team debrief workshops are available as half or full day events.

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