What Clients Say

Our Success Stories

You now have the opportunity to read about some of the significant progress our clients have made by working with us. Whilst doing so you will no doubt identify some results that you want for your organisation. Take some time to consider whether you could be one of our ‘success stories’ as you hear how we have helped many organisations make considerable leaps forward!

“I was immensely impressed by the quality and relevance of the material presented by Ignition.  While the material and input was of the highest standard, there was something else that was even more important…they had a real feel for the topic area but this was really brought alive by their skills in both managing the group dynamics that were being played out in front of them during the training and their highly developed communication skills with groups…. I was hugely impressed by Ignition and would have no hesitation, whatsoever, in engaging Ignition again.”
~ National Offender Management Service


“You and your team have always provided a very professional service and high quality input, which has been consistently evident from feedback. In addition you made great efforts to understand [our business] and tailor what you provided to fit as well as possible, adapting and shaping it as you learned more over time.”
~ Department of Health


“The feedback from staff was universally positive, and we never get feedback like that!”
~ Major Insurance provider


“Mark operates in an inclusive way and has worked hard to support and develop the skills of staff who attend consultancy.  This is a significant achievement because those staff who attend range from …very experienced to those who are newly trained.  There have been a number of issues which have required sensitivity and skill to address and Mark has demonstrated exceptional ability as a facilitator… Mark has been able to maintain a balance between supporting staff with problems and recognising issues which need to be properly addressed by management.”
~ West Yorkshire Probation Area